Boat Trips

A great way to explore North Uist is from a boat, and trips run that take in the local wildlife and coastline of the island. Guests in the past have found these trips a highlight of their visit.

Lady Anne Boat Trips

Lady Anne boat trips offer trips of varying lengths and routes which explore many of the hidden bays and islands around the shores including round Ronay and further afield. When the tide permits, day trips to the Monarch Isles allow a fantastic opportunity to explore the islands from land and sea.

For prices, booking and more information see their website or email

St Kilda

St Kilda is the name given to the group of islands 41 miles off the western coast of Benbecula and is one of only 24 sites worldwide to be given mixed World Heritage Status for its natural and historical significance. The archipelago is made up of the 3 main islands of Hirta, Boreray and Soay.
These islands are the home to Europe’s most important seabird colony and have the largest sea stacs in Britain. It is also of great historical interest because the abandoned village still stands as it was left almost a hundred years ago.

The St Kildans relied on crofting and fishing to survive. Up until the mid-1800s they were totally self-sufficient with little contact from the mainland or other islands. One of the food sources that they relied upon were the seabirds that inhabited the cliffs and the men would abseil down to the nests to harvest live birds (gannets, fulmers and puffins) and their eggs.

However, by the late 1800s, things began to change. The loss of self-sufficiency and reliance on imports such as food and fuel meant that they were no longer able to survive without external contact. During bad weather there were severe food shortages as deliveries could not be made and this led to famine and illness. The outbreak of World War 1 brought a naval detachment to the main island of Hirta, which enabled extra deliveries and more contact with the outside world. When the war ended and the naval base was shut down, a feeling of growing isolation was felt among the islanders. Eventually, it became too unmanageable and the remaining 36 islanders requested to be evacuated.

In 1957, the archipelago was bequeathed to the National Trust for Scotland and part of the land is leased by the MoD who have an army base there. These provide the only permanent residents now.

There are several companies that offer trips to the remote uninhabited isles of St Kilda. Located 41 miles west of North Uist and this trip is sure to be a highlight of your holiday.

Uist Sea Tours

Uist Sea Tours offer sightseeing, fishing and wildlife trips around Uist and the Monarch Isles as well as trips to St Kilda.

Phone: 07833 690693

Sea Harris

Sea Harris offer tips to St Kilda and they depart from Leverburgh, Harris in their purpose built motor cruiser “Enchanted Isle”. For more information please visit their website.

Tel: 01859 502007
Mob: 07760216555

Kilda Cruises

Kilda Cruises also depart from Leverburgh, Harris in their boats “Orca III” or ”Hirta”. For more information please visit their website.

Tel: 01859 502060
Mob: 07760281804

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